Sharpening & Repair Services

Currently, we only repair and sharpen the blades we have made.  We encourage you to find a reputable local knife sharpener, which is often a service offered at specialized retail knife stores.  Be sure to ask a few questions about their process before handing over your knife.

Repair Service

Severe damage to a blade is often repairable, but often requires a significant amount of work.  Chips to the cutting edge, blade misalignment and handle repair often require changes to the entire knife or sword.   Sometimes though the damage may be too extensive to revive the blade.

Contact us to send photos of the damage to your blade before sending it to us.  We will not be able to provide a final estimate until we have the work is in our hands, but we can give an accurate estimate from the photos.  Make sure to take multiple pictures at various angles of the entire knife.

All shipping costs are customer expenses.

Sharpening Service

Although bringing your knife to a local sharpener is potentially more convenient, we recognize that isn’t an option for everyone. 

For any of our blade owners who would like us to tune-up your cutting edge, our sharpening service is intended for you.  

Package the blade to ensure the blade will not move and/or pierce the packaging during shipping.  We prefer you ship through a registered shipping service, like Fed Ex, and can even arrange for your blade to be picked-up through our account, a cost we can simply add to the final sharpening cost.  

Sharpening itself is something we charge as a nominal fee, which is in line with what you might encounter with a local knife sharpener.  Resharpening knives received is something we do toward the end of each month along with our newly made blades within our regular production cycle.

Regular Sharpening Costs

– $3 per inch of the blade length (example: 9 inch blade = $27 cost + applicable taxes + cost of shipping)

All shipping costs to and from are customer expenses. 

Once resharpened, we will send an invoice with the total cost of sharpening and shipping and your blade will be delivered, ready to use.

Send us a message letting us know the knife is coming, so we can keep an eye out for it.

Knife Sharpening Demonstration

For those trying sharpening for yourself, take a look at our Sharpening Series overview for things to consider and hopefully pick up a tip or two.