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Social Media Content Creators

Content creation is a lot of work and we value the platforms people have utilized to elevate their sense of expression. If content creation is your thing and you’re looking for new subject matter to amplify your channels with fire, hot steel and sharp things; we just might be the right place for you to kick around in for your next series.

If you have ideas, want to create a cross promotional plan, do a live event or just want to give your audience an insiders view to some really photogenic work; then we’d love to hear from you.

Send us a message with your idea and some links to your social media and we’ll respond as quickly as we can.

Fill in the contact form below to kick things off.

Media Organizations

We welcome any media organization that would like to feature or partner with us for anything from a news related feature to the development of ongoing programming.

We have a positive history of working with media organizations to deliver unique experiences for their audiences.

Print and traditional broadcast media outlets are valued channels for communicating our work and we welcome any organization that wishes to feature us.

Our experience and approach to bladesmithing work is unique from other makers in several ways. With knowledge of historical relevance, global first-hand experience in various bladesmithing traditions and the ability to create unique blades with our own approach; our story has many chapters to explore.

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