Shipping & Returns


For our blades we typically use one of the major registered delivered services like Fed Ex or Purolator.  If while purchasing a knife on our website a shipping cost was not generated during the check-out process, we will follow up with one and send it separately.

Cost of shipping is a customer billed expense. 

Sometimes we are only able to provide shipping costs once the blade is made and packaged because we cannot accurately estimate the packaged size and weight before then.

When we use our preferred shipping service, currently we use Fed Ex, your blade delivery is guaranteed and insured, unless the country of destination prohibits the delivery of the purchased blade.

It’s your responsibility to know the laws concerning the importation of blades within your country.  In the case of the US & Canada, our work conforms to legal limitations and we would discuss any concerns before confirming custom orders.


We try to accommodate all customers, but generally do not accept returns.  You as a customer have the opportunity to be engaged in the making process of your knife and understand exactly what you are getting, what it is meant for, how it was created, but it’s up to you to use it properly.

Our blades are intended for use, but the unfortunate truth is not everyone uses and cares for their blade as they should.  If you get a carbon steel knife and let it sit at the bottom of the kitchen sink, that is not on us.  We also make a point of testing each knife before we ship it out.  If the knife was intended to cut food, that’s what we test and if the blade was intended to cut branches on a tree then that’s the performance measurement.  But we do not claim that our culinary knives will cut down a tree without incurring damage.  

However, we will always listen to customer experiences and should there be obvious failure of the blade upon reception, we will work to rectify that without hesitation; even if the end outcome is simply to make another blade to replace it.