Class Prerequisites

The prerequisite discussed below is essential to have before registering for any of our classes. We also require all students to bring their own hammer, read more about getting your forging hammer here.

We heavily encourage you to take an introductory blacksmithing course covering the 5 fundamentals to the art of forging. 

There are plenty of blacksmithing classes offered these days because of the resurgence in popularity of working at the forge, but not all are equal.

It’s important to do your research to find the best teacher available to you, which might often require you to travel.  Key things to look for in taking a class is to find a teacher who is a recognized full-time professional in the trade with a history of teaching and producing good results for students.  It’s a buyer beware market, many who teach really shouldn’t be.

In Canada, we recommend two options for getting a real foundation in blacksmithing before taking any of our classes.  These guys also offer some bladesmithing class options, but our curriculum is more extensive because of the depth in our specialization.

  1. THAK Ironworks – Robb Martin
  2. Front Step Forge – Shawn Cunningham

For anyone in the US looking for a blacksmithing foundation we recommend you evaluate opportunities with the same critical eye described above.  A good place to start that research would be the ABANA organization.

1 Day Origin Blades Prerequisite Class Option:

If you cannot afford or travel to a reputable introduction to blacksmithing class, we do offer a one-day introduction to bladesmithing as an alternative. 

This option is required for anyone who has never worked at the forge, but it does not replace the benefit you would get from a dedicated blacksmithing introduction class.  This class is an expedited introduction to technique, tooling and safety specific to our workshop environment for bladesmithing.

Our prerequisite class is a one-day class offered on Saturday only, 9am to 5pm.