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The Nomad

5 of 5

I spent many years roaming from one teacher to the next, slowing building my own unique foundation from various bladesmithing traditions. Being nomadic is definitely an apt description for my last 15 years. This new blade design incorporates all of my foundation into a new form, and as the name insinuates, this blade will attempt to put my journey into function.

Although perhaps difficult to truly appreciate in the concept drawings, the work for these blades will be quite complex. Precious metals will be applied for some of the fittings work with the goal of creating unique variations in all 5 finished blades.

The start of this project has been kindly commissioned, making the first of the 5 blades we create for 2020 already sold.

Currently for this short run series, we are still in the raw production phase creating the blade steel and other alloys. Following updates about this project on our social media channels and subscribing to our newsletter is the best way to see when we have the other 4 blades available for purchase.

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