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What is Stemma?

Stemma is a Latin term to describe a recorded genealogy of a family; a family tree. This blade has been commissioned by a son as a gift to his father. This gift will represent their lineage and his father’s importance in his life. This will be a carbon steel culinary knife.

This knife was commissioned as a heirloom blade and will have customizations that will make it one of a kind. We and the client for this blade are open to this becoming an established series for Origin Blades, but we’ll wait until this first one is done before making it part of our regular portfolio.

The blade is currently designed to be 10″ long, forged from one of our pattern welded steels and adorned with some personalization that will be revealed over time and only after the blade has been gifted to its final recipient.

Currently for this blade, we are still in the raw production phase creating the blade steel and other alloys. Following updates about this project on our social media channels and subscribing to our newsletter is the best way to see progress.

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