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Preordering your custom knife is the easiest way to ensure we can get our work to you.

With a variety of options to choose from and each knife being made completely by hand, your knife will forever be completely unique to you.

Our knives are made with the utmost attention to detail, orders yours now.

Add a personalized pin to your blade handle by providing us with the initials (1-2 letters) we will layout elegantly to accommodate the limited space available within the pin. Personalized pins are precisely machined to provide a sharp visual feature to your custom blade.

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There are countless options with custom knife making, but the hope is you will feel comfortable with the general options and allow us select the appropriate details such as handle materials and other elements of fit and finish that will best suit the knives you order.  No matter which options you choose, all the work is done to a very high standard or it does not leave the shop.

The Design:

There are two standard templates used make most of our general chef knives and they do have some Japanese pedigree, but don’t mistake them for replica shapes from the Japanese tradition; they are unique in their own right.  They both sit comfortably off the cutting board and one has more of a flat than the other at the cutting edge.

Legacy Design – These blades are designed as a general purpose kitchen knife that sit naturally in the hand in a variety of grips.  The blade edge has a subtle curvature with the back third of the blade sitting almost flat to the cutting board.

Stemma Design – This design has a more dramatic curvature along the blade edge with a high heel (approx. 3″).  The handle design is similar to the Legacy in that it is full tang which ensures the blade remains balanced toward the hand, ensuring the knife feels lively and ergonomic.

The Steels:

1. Mono Carbon Steel – For this knife stock cutlery steel is used to forge the knife.  The final product is a very functional knife forged with carbon steel made specifically for its edge retention properties.

2. Differential Heat Treated Carbon Steel – Hamon is a Japanese term for differentially heat treated steel and is a technique to acquire a certain effect in the steel which comes from Japanese sword smithing.  These blades require a little more time working on the finish to get the proper effect.

3. Laminated Damascus Carbon Steel – Two or more steels are first forge welded together to create a simple patterns in the steel.  This is where things start to get creative, but there is also an increase in the amount of time spent on the work.  The laminations can range from 3 to approx. 120 depending on the desired effect.

4. Pattern Welded Damascus Carbon Steel – Two or more steels are worked and reworked in a multiple forging steps to produce elaborate patterns within the steel.  This is where various techniques are applied in an attempt to always create something unique, but still recognizable as an Origin Blade.

The Handle:

Handle material will vary for every knife, with a focus to using mostly stabilized natural products and sometimes synthetic.  Premium woods with interesting and varying character are hardened and made impervious through stabilization; a process by which resin penetrates and hardens through vacuum pressure.  Handle material preparation and selection also varies for every knife.

The handle design for these knives is typically full tang, meaning two scales are mounted on each side of the knife steel.  Although not the easiest approach to putting handles on knives, the final result is a knife that feels very good in the hand.  The handles are made precisely for each knife with various hidden pins and a visible feature pins that hold everything together.

Ordering a Custom Culinary Chef Knife:

Despite the examples provided, each knife will vary slightly making each completely unique.  Knife orders will be fulfilled as they are made to order.  Upon order confirmation, we will confirm the month in which we expect to ship your knife as per the production schedule.

If you prefer to order a knife that is already complete and ready to ship, we occasionally create unique work beyond our usual production schedule and post them individually for sale.  We recommend you subscribe to our newsletter to be the first notified of new product as they tend to go very quickly.  Subscribe to our newsletter here. 

Customers can see updates of their knives being made on our social media platforms.

Every knife made has a piece of its maker within it.

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Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 44 × 12 × 7 cm
Knife Style

Legacy, Stemma

Steel Type

Mono Carbon Steel, Differentially Heated Treated Steel, Laminated Damascus, Pattern Welded Damascus

Blade Length

6", 7.5-8", 9", 10"

Knife Pin Options

Standard Mosiac Pin, Custom Logo Pin


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