Legacy Knife Series 100 for 2020


The Legacy series knife is a 9″ carbon steel blade with stabilized handle material. 

Forged to an ergonomic pattern in laminated steels, each knife will have its own unique look and feel.

There is an early bird special for anyone who orders their knife in 2019.  Save $100 if you order before 2020.

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The Legacy knife series is our first feature knife, intended as a high performance carbon steel workhorse in the form of a general chef knife.

We are scheduling orders for the Legacy Knife Series, designed and developed in 2019.  For 2020 we will now create a limited number of them, 100 to be exact.

The Design:

The template designed for this knife is dialed-in with special attention to ergonomics and performance.  Subtle design features like a very slight hallow on both sides of the blade lessen food stick.  The handle design allows the hand to comfortably fit onto the knife, making it feel of an extension of the hand instead of  a tool that sits in it.

The Steel:

These forged knives are made from laminated steels ranging from W2, O1, Shirogami, Hitachi Blue and others.  Each steel is selected for its specific properties and the desired result for each knife.  Laminations and their appearance will vary for each knife, making each completely unique even though all 100 will draw from the same template.

The Handle:

Handle material will vary for every knife, with a focus to using mostly stabilized natural products and sometimes synthetic.  Premium woods with interesting and varying character are hardened and made impervious through stabilization; a process by which resin penetrates and hardens through vacuum pressure.  Handle material preparation and selection also varies for every knife.

The handle design for this knife is full tang, meaning two scales are mounted on each side of the knife steel.  Although not the easiest approach to putting handles on knives, the final result is a knife that feels very good in the hand.  The handles are made so precisely for each knife that three hidden pins and one visible feature pin could hold everything together as a dry fit, but epoxy ensures they never come apart.

Ordering a Legacy knife:

Work on these knives has already begun as material preparation for this series is quite extensive.  Knives will be fulfilled as they are made over the course of 2020.  As of January, the expectation is to create and ship 6-8 knives per month throughout the year. Upon order confirmation, we will confirm the month in which we expect to ship your knife as per the production schedule for this series.

There is an early bird special for anyone who orders their knife in 2019.  Save $100 if you order before 2020.

Every knife made has a piece of its maker within it.

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