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Knife Juice is a very simple formula made of food grade mineral oil and Canadian sourced bees wax and is easily applied to protect your custom knife.

We recommend protecting your custom knife giving it the chance at a long life.  Knife Juice has the added benefit of having a longer lasting effect over most traditional applications.


Knife Juice is made by combining food grade mineral oil and Canadian sourced bees wax into a single, easy to apply solution.


The solution is poured into 10 gram cosmetic containers.  Purchasing multiple containers as a package is necessary to justify shipping costs for this item.  Our Knife Juice is shipped 5 containers per purchase.  We feel this is a good quantity for not only for shipping, but also for actual use.  Our $75 price includes 5 containers per package.


There are several methods to applying Knife Juice and we recommend you watch the application video on this page. The important things to remember are:

  • Use a soft cloth to apply and wipe, avoid abrasives.
  • The solution is best applied at room temperature.
  • Leave only the thinest of films and allow the knife to sit at room temperature for at least one hour.  This will give the mineral oil a chance to evaporate, leaving only the thinest layers of beeswax.
    • Reapply if desired
  • The solution can be applied to both blade and handle.
  • There is a slight, pleasant, odour as a result of using very pure Canadian beeswax, but the thin film on the blade will not affect food taste.

Ordering Knife Juice:

A sample container is provided with all our blade orders, but it’s not a bad idea to get some more before you need it.  Knife Juice is also available for purchase on it’s own, so no excuse not to protect that special blade.

Every custom knife made should be cared for properly to ensure its long life.

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