Custom Knife Boxes


The Custom Knife Box is available for purchase with your custom knife.

This box design is intended for knives with blades 10″ or less and is offered in two material combinations and is available in a few varieties.

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Custom Boxes are a great way to store and display the custom knife we make for you.  There are several options available in both material and function.

Order your custom box at the same time as you order your knife to unsure the box is the properly sized for the knife.

The Design:

Custom knife boxes are sized for each knife and intended for knife purchasing customer, although custom boxes can also be purchased on their own.  Boxes are designed and made by skilled woodworkers with a lutherie eye to detail.  This box design is intended for knife blades 10″ or less.  Integrated design variations from the standard box included a usable strop block and having a lock & key.

Dimensions for this box are:

  • (40cm long) x (10cm wide) x (6.5cm tall)
  • (15 3/4″ long) x (4″ wide) x (2 1/2″ tall)

The Material:

Material combinations include two options:

  1. Maple box and walnut fittings
  2. Walnut box and maple fittings

The Function:

Foremost these custom boxes act as a great storage solution either on the counter or will fit most standard drawers in any kitchen.  Where required, Fittings and fixtures are riveted and fastened by either brass or copper, accentuating the overall look of a hand crafted product.

Our first premium option is an integrated premium leather stropping block which can be included into the design of the box.  The stropping block hones the final edge to a finally tuned blade, an essential tool for anyone who regularly uses their knife.

And finally, our second premium option for this box includes the strop block as the base package and adds an embedded lock & key to the final product.  This adds a sense of privacy to the contents in the box and although anyone opening the box while locked will leave obvious damage; this system is by no means impenetrable.

Ordering a Custom Box:

To prevent delays in completing orders, it is important to try ordering your custom box at the same time as you order your custom knife so we can best manage the production process with our partner woodworkers.

Every custom knife made should have a home to rest.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 44 × 12 × 6.5 cm
Knife Box Materials

Maple Box, Walnut Box

Knife Box Options

Strop Block, Lock & Key, No Option


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